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I have set up the cards on Avery's website in a convenient to use format. You will need Avery cardstock #5371 or its equivalent. You may wish to print out these instructions before you begin. You can do so at this link Instructions

To customize your cards with your name, branch and contact information, go to Avery Web Site"
At the top right of the screen, click on "Sign In To MyAvery"
When prompted, enter the following:
Email Address:
Check "I have An MyAvery account."
Password: triadics
Click on "Sign In"
Card will appear
Click on "Your Name" on card (backspace to remove name and enter your own)
Edit the three lines to say what you want
Once you are done editing, click on "Preview and Print" at the top right of the screen. 
Next Screen
Click on "Print it yourself" 
Next Screen
Click on "Print Now"
Select you printer on the next screen
Click on "Print"
Once your cards have printed, close out all screens. 
If you experience any problems with the program or using it, I can be reached at

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