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What's Available?


Trikers are both creative and curious, so we always want to know about the latest and greatest trikes, gadgets, toys and aftermarket products that will make life easier. Even if we can't afford it, we all want to see what's available. Send in a name or website and it will be posted here. Also send in any good ideas you want to share.




CD made up the attached trike hanger flyers for his group to hand out. It is designed to get two flyers from each sheet of card stock. If any trikers would like to have the flyer details changed to their group, he would be glad to do so and send it to them in .jpg or .pdf for them to print off. They were made up to attract trikers involved with patch wearing biker "clubs" to become involved in our triker group that is open to all with patches or no patches. The only thing required is an interest in trikes. Even trike ownership is not required!  If you could use them for your group, email him at 


Click on any of these buttons to go to the websites.

Jim created courtesy cards that members can print from their own computers. The cards are designed for Avery 5371 Business Cards or their equivalent. Click red button for PRINTABLE COURTESY CARDS on home page to print free Triadics courtesy cards. 

Jim made Triadics handouts and handlebar hangers to pass out. Click red button on home page to make printable handout and handlebar hanger copies.  

Print Your Own Handouts &

Handlebar Hangers

Print Your Own Triadics Courtesy Cards

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