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"Hillybilly Jim" & "Lady"

Building Triker Families

For Over Thirty Years


Jim Sickler.jpg
Jim Sickler - Retirement trike.jpg

Jim even got to play with a trike while on the job during many years at

John Deere.

David Bentz "Arkansas Birdman"
Hot Springs, Arkansas 

I ride my homemade Goldwing Trike with Jerry Lea, my German Shepherd, Triker the Chihuahua, and Ginger the Poodle.

Ed Bevilhimer 

Bremerton, Washington
David Blair
Minster, Ohio (Summer)
Leesburg, Florida (Winter)

Built in 1973 from a $900.00 kit. It is almost 42 years young.

Joe & Angie Brown Philadelphia, PA.jpg
Joe & Angie Brown
Philadelphia, PA


Bruce & Deb on "Beast"
New York - Hannawa Falls

We ride a Cheetah in upstate New York.

Kingsport, Tennessee

Here is photo of Sara and me with our Toyota Corolla trike.  The trike handles like a dream and is rock steady on the twistying turning roads of Tennessee.  With all the metal work and weight I cut off, the 1600cc engine keeps me up with the Harleys on a bike ride and we get 34+ MPG, too.  In looking back, I don't know how I pulled it off, but I did.  When I first started the trike, I contracted Fibromyalgia Rheumatica and was in VERY INTENSE pain.  In fact, I could hardly get out of bed!  But then, the medication I had to take for the FMG left me flying, and I was working all kinds of weird hours to use up excess energy!  In a sense, my getting sick enabled me to build a trike!  As a consequence, I call our trike the "Hyper-Trike!"  I consider what went down as a blessing from God!  I don't know how I would have finished the trike in less than a year, if at all, if I was my normal "senior citizen Golden aged" self!

Jim Claus "Alienhunter"
Missouri - Avilla

Bob Fowler "Fowler"
Virginia - Moneta


Don't have a road name any more. They used to call me Maddog (Sgt MADDOG FOWLER) in the ring but I dropped that name after leaving the ring. I have a VW trike I built with my son called the Heathen. 

Biny Hall

Washington - Bremerton

Rick Hirsch
Dixon, MO
Rick Hirsch Dixon, MO.jpg
Ken Massie
North Carolina - Zebulon



Michael McIntire "Carolina Cobra"

South Carolina - Florence

Timothy E Nine "Triker 9"
North Carolina - Franklinton

I built this Saab that is pushing around 140 hp.

Darrell L. Osborn "Commodore"
Missouri - Nixa

Margie Oster "Doc"
Texas - Amarillo

William Vito Pace IV Hastings NE.jpg
William Vito Pace IV
Hastings, Nebraska

Ron Schipper "Papa Ron"

I spent two years building a trike but couldn't get it registered because of the new laws in Texas.

Mike & Liz Pingetzer "Bugman"
Georgia - Blairsville


Jerry & Martha Priddy
Jackson, Tennessee

Jerry Priddy Jackson, Tennessee.jpg
Eric Pyles "Bugattiman"
Oregon - Salem

Don Remley "Subeetrikerdon"
Washington - Bremerton

Michael Schlabach "Saddle Tramp"
Arizona - Tucson

Riding for 38 years over 600,000 miles on two and three wheels, been in every state west of the Mississippi, total of 42 states.


Leonard Scarratt
Corby Northants uk
Leonard Scarratt Corby Northants uk.jpg
Mike Vogel "latenightboaters"
Iowa - North Liberty

Mid engine 1641cc VW. All hand made solid oak trim with tilt bed

Leo Sweeney
Lincoln, Delaware
Leo Sweeney Lincoln, Delaware.jpg
John Thorsten Forest, VA.jpg
John Thorsten
Forest, Virginia
Randal Wagoner, Butler Florida.jpg
Randal Wagoner
Butler, Florida

Elmer Stewart "Speedy"
Kansas - Troy
Jim & Lady Sickler IMG_6262_edited.jpg
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