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From the Triadics Family


On behalf of the Triadics family, we would like to once again welcome and thank everyone who has joined Trike Talk and Triadics. We are also extending an invitation to everyone to join who has not yet done so. 


Triadics was conceived by Jim “Hillbilly” Sickler as an alternative to a corporate structured entity where folks could get back to the “roots” of it all. 


Our Triadics family is built on three - three wheels and three principles - Family, Truth, and Loyalty. Triadics is structured like a “family tree” with branches. Each branch consists of a Branch Leader, a Ride Leader, and a Branch Recorder. The branches meet monthly or even more often. It is our mission to provide a family atmosphere where folks with a love of triking and riding can join to fellowship together, swap tech talk, ride and provide a positive presence in the community. Trikes have three wheels, but everyone with a love for the open road on 2, 3, 4, or 5 wheels (or however you roll) is welcome.


Did we mention there are no dues? That’s right! It costs you nothing to join and you will never be pressured to participate in any specific ride or event. No patches are required, but patches, t-shirts, hats and other items are now available on our Triadics Country Store and we accept Paypal or mail orders. Everything sold will be at minimum cost, with no salary or profit going to any individual in the group. All group business will be voted on by all the members, with no one person having more say than the next.


Anyone who has not yet joined is welcome to come aboard and become a part of our family to join in on the gatherings soon to come. Everyone will have an oportunity to take part in charitable events and receive all the benefits of being associated with a family network focused on supporting its members and having a great time together. There will be no obligation to donate any time or money. So, there you have it - no dues, ride whatever and whenever you want, and help us give back to the community, while you hang out with some good ol’ guys and gals. 


If you’d like to know more, check us out at and click Forum or Website. Forum takes you to Trike Talk, where you can participate in our discussions after joining. Click Website to access a Triadics member application on the home page. Click the red button, "click to JOIN TRIADICS" and fill out the member application form. It can be filled out online or printed and mailed. Only the branch leader in your area will be provided with your information, so you can be informed about the closest branch to you and stay in contact with your local group. 


Triadics is growing by leaps and bounds. We want to thank everyone who chose to join us at our family reunions in Eureka Springs & Hot Springs, Arkansas. They  created a wonderful opportunity to reunite with old friends and make new ones in beautiful areas that offer spectacular rides and awesome attractions. Details about our future reunions, along with a map and reservation information, will be available on the Triadics website and in the newsletter. Visitor information about the areas and attractions will also be included in both places. Everyone is always welcome at our family reunions and we hope to see you at our next one.


Remember - it costs you nothing to be a member of Triadics!




Jim “Hillbilly Jim” Sickler - Founder



Family "rules" for the branches


Since there are no dues to be in our family, the idea that some people may join the group on a whim, because it is free, is very possible. However, I believe the majority of those who become involved with Triadics have nothing but the best intentions. 


It is important that we are representing the Triadics family in a positive way. In order to keep things running smoothly, the following list of Rules of Conduct have been drawn up. They simply state how those who started the family, who are working very hard to see it grow, feel about how it should be represented. 


As a branch of our family tree you all are the heart and soul of this group and we need you to personify our principles that we are founded on…Family, Truth & Loyalty.


Derek “Lefty” Martin




*All branches should designate a Ride Leader and a Branch Recorder.


*The Ride Leader will be in charge of organizing and leading safe and enjoyable rides for the members to participate in.


*The Branch Recorder will be in charge of keeping a basic record of the branch’s TRIADICS related funds, planned events, and membership.


*Branches will be expected to represent the family in a positive way that would be inviting to those who look to join us, being respectful of others at all times.


*Branch Leaders are responsible for being a communication tool to pass along family business to its members. This will insure all will have the ability to vote on important issues and have a say in the way things are run. Family Leaders, positions that will eventually be passed around the group, will be sending out updates to members and calling for votes on important things. If the Branch Leaders do not stay in contact, the family members will be robbed of their voices. This can not happen. 


*Branches will be asked to participate in fund-raising events for group functions that will be organized for all to attend. As our family is not a business, no one pulls a salary for their efforts and any money asked to be raised will be for a charitable cause or funding of family issues that are needed to keep the TRIADICS thriving. 


*Family members that do not represent our principles and the group in a positive way can be removed from membership by a vote of the members.


*Membership in our group is free but, if you are removed from our family’s list, it will cost you the most valuable thing a person could ask for, the respect of your family and those who love you for who you are & would be there for you in your greatest times of need. We wouldn’t want to see that happen to any of you so represent us well. We are all ambassadors for the TRIADICS and we love you all for it.


Derek "Lefty" Martin    -    Jim  Sickler    -    Shirley “Firstmate” Morgan

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